The Girl Scout Mission

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

At Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, we are part of a stellar Girl Scout staff. Why do we do what we do? Read on ... these moments fuel the mission for all of us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Branding ... in a new light.

These days, most of my branding conversation is in the realm of marketing. Today, however, branding means REALLY branding. Horses, dry ice, and branding irons! (Seriously - I could now brand a horse. Dry ice and alcohol, 30 seconds immersed, and brand the horse just like you would with a hot branding iron.)

So it has me thinking about an analogy ...

Girl Scouts as a brand. What kind of mark are we leaving? I am thinking about the extremes it takes to brand a horse ... and today I know it can be done hot or cold. But somewhere in the middle just won't work. Are we doing what it takes to be passionate? Are the hours we invest in Girl Scouting leaving their mark?

Some leaders are passionate about camping and the courage, confidence, and character developed by camping activities. Other leaders are passionate about the same results by a different path ... maybe advocacy, travel, art, business or straight up leadership. Hot or cold - either works. It's the lukewarm one that won't leave an impression.

Personally, I want to leave a mark. I want my iront to be HOT when I strike ... or COLD! Either way, it's a decisive position and a committed action. I want what I do to play a part in making a positive difference in girls' lives - one they can point to for the rest of their lives and say, "See? That's Girl Scouts!"
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma is ONE YEAR OLD!

Do you have stories from our first year as Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma? Comment here ... we would love to share!

And to get you started ... here are some stories you might want to tell:

  • A "first" you experienced this year
  • A breakthrough moment you watched/helped a girl achieve
  • Personal success that you attribute to your Girl Scout experience
  • A moment that made you glad you are a Girl Scout (girls, staff or volunteers)
  • An experience that defines courage, confidence, character or leadership