The Girl Scout Mission

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

At Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, we are part of a stellar Girl Scout staff. Why do we do what we do? Read on ... these moments fuel the mission for all of us.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Molly's Life-Saving Maneuver

Karen Morgan, CEO of Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma presents
Molly with the Girl Scouts Life Saving Award - Medal of Honor.

Stories like this are anchors for why we do what we do at Girl Scouts. Life isn't always this dramatic ... then again, isn't it nice to know you can handle things if it is? Always be prepared!

For Girl Scout Junior and fourth grader Molly it was just another day at school. Going first to class and then to lunch, she had no idea what she would encounter, or that her quick reactions and the knowledge she had gained in Girl Scouting would help her save a life. As Molly walked across the lunchroom, she noticed another girl choking. Without hesitation, she dropped her belongings and began to administer the Heimlich maneuver. The lunchroom stood in awe as Molly saved the life of another girl.

When asked how she learned to do the Heimlich maneuver, Molly responded, “Girl Scouts.” Indeed, just a few months earlier, her troop had taken a safety/First Aid course in which they learned life saving techniques and response mechanisms.

Several weeks after the incident, news of Molly’s story made it back to Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma. Together with her school, the Council honored Molly for her heroic act at a special assembly and awards presentation. Molly was awarded the Girl Scouts Life Saving Award – Medal of Honor.

The Medal of Honor is a special award that has been a part of the Girl Scout program since the start of the movement. It is given to someone who has saved a human life or attempted to save it under circumstances that indicate heroism or risk to their own lives and who have performed heroic acts beyond the degree of maturity and training to be expected at their age.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anna rocked it out with Demi

My heart was leaping when I saw Demi Lovato bring Anna on stage! She is one of our PR Stars (last year and again this year) and got the most amazing opportunity to experience being on stage with a microphone in her hand.

Some past and present PR Stars had the opportunity to go to a Demi Lovato concert in Tulsa and we turned it into something we could learn from (stage presence, using a microphone, etc.) - but never DREAMED one of the girls would get a real life moment ON STAGE with Demi!

Can you imagine that moment? WOW! I could not have orchestrated that experience if I had tried ... well, OK, I tried ... but my efforts met with "artists generally do not grant interviews at the BOK Center." I'm just thrilled to think of what that moment has planted in Anna's heart and life.

Her mother said this, and it made my day today:

Thank you so much for the tickets to the Demi Lovato concert. We were 4th row almost Center stage.. GREAT SEATS!!! (Best seats I’ve ever had at a concert… made our experience Wonderful!) Anna was picked to sing “This is Me” with Demi on stage… (I think we are both still in shock!!) How Amazing this opportunity was for her!! (and Me!)

None of this would have happened if it weren’t for Girl Scouts!!!

Thanks again for helping make a memory that will carry her through a lifetime!!! (she was sooo proud.. she only gave her first name on stage!.. just like she was taught at PR Stars)

Thanks again and as always GIRL SCOUTS ROCK!!!!!!

I wonder if Demi was ever a Girl Scout?
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Branding ... in a new light.

These days, most of my branding conversation is in the realm of marketing. Today, however, branding means REALLY branding. Horses, dry ice, and branding irons! (Seriously - I could now brand a horse. Dry ice and alcohol, 30 seconds immersed, and brand the horse just like you would with a hot branding iron.)

So it has me thinking about an analogy ...

Girl Scouts as a brand. What kind of mark are we leaving? I am thinking about the extremes it takes to brand a horse ... and today I know it can be done hot or cold. But somewhere in the middle just won't work. Are we doing what it takes to be passionate? Are the hours we invest in Girl Scouting leaving their mark?

Some leaders are passionate about camping and the courage, confidence, and character developed by camping activities. Other leaders are passionate about the same results by a different path ... maybe advocacy, travel, art, business or straight up leadership. Hot or cold - either works. It's the lukewarm one that won't leave an impression.

Personally, I want to leave a mark. I want my iront to be HOT when I strike ... or COLD! Either way, it's a decisive position and a committed action. I want what I do to play a part in making a positive difference in girls' lives - one they can point to for the rest of their lives and say, "See? That's Girl Scouts!"
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma is ONE YEAR OLD!

Do you have stories from our first year as Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma? Comment here ... we would love to share!

And to get you started ... here are some stories you might want to tell:

  • A "first" you experienced this year
  • A breakthrough moment you watched/helped a girl achieve
  • Personal success that you attribute to your Girl Scout experience
  • A moment that made you glad you are a Girl Scout (girls, staff or volunteers)
  • An experience that defines courage, confidence, character or leadership

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sienna Won My Heart

While schedules fly and so much seems like a challenge to do, I just have to take a moment to share a memory. In November, we had our first OFFICIAL session for PR Stars. Girls who have sold over 500 boxes of cookies were invited to join. Naturally, every girl is precious in one way or another, but little Sienna won my heart.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle with the Tulsa World reporter giving a session on interview etiquette, blogging sessions, and a super-fast photo shoot. This little girl was a bit shy and really wanted to keep her sweatshirt on. I took just a moment to talk with her and we struck a deal (but it's a secret, so I can't tell!). Those little eyes looked up into mine with trust ... and my heart melted. What a brave little girl! She made me so proud. Proud of her, proud of Girl Scouts, proud of every little moment that defines a brave step in a girl's life.

Have I said lately, I'm proud to be a Girl Scout?!
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Friday, October 17, 2008


Today I heard a story that makes me proud to know our Girl Scout staff. While talking about work-related things, a coworker related a story about a girl who came to her crying after a ceremony. The young girl's role was the opening portion and she had lost her place. She paused for a moment, found her place and continued. But she felt terrible. She was sure she had ruined the ceremony and tears were streaming down her face.

At a point where so many adults could mildly brush off something they viewed as unimportant, or worse reinforce the girl's perception, this person took the time to empower the young girl. "Sure, there was that one part where you lost your place ... but you found it again and did it so smooth, no one else even noticed! You did GREAT! I've never seen someone do that so smoothly. I'd ask you to do it again in a heartbeat." The little girl's tears were quickly gone as she realized she really had done a good job! A smile came and before long she was beaming and proud.

I would venture to guess that this moment is one that lives on in this girl's mind and impacts her to this day. And now that I have a glimpse into that moment, it impacts me as well.

Empowerment. It's priceless. And it's an opportunity that is present every day. Girl Scouts thrive on opportunities like these. It's why so many of us do what we do! I'm proud to know these Girl Scouts, and proud to be one, too.

Photo: "Take Our Daughters To The Polls"
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Zandra and the United Way Video

Engaging, gregarious and full of life, Zandra charms everyone she speaks to during a video shoot for Tulsa Area United Way.

She spoke about what being a Girl Scout means to her. Born with a rare medical condition, Zandra has to overcome many challenges that the rest of the world never thinks about. She was born without ribs. While you would think that would keep most people from enjoying life, Zandra has not let it slow her down one bit. In fact, she is one of our top cookie sellers! Zandra admits it is her favorite time of the year, and she thoroughly enjoys selling cookies.

But above and beyond the thrill of the sale, she talks about how Girl Scouts is her chance to be around other girls and do all the exciting things Girl Scouts do. Her troop meets weekly (led by her physical therapist) and the three nurses that provide constant care also provide "taxi service" and make sure Zandra is part of everything the troop does.

Zandra's story is heartwarming and challenging, which warms my heart in and of itself. But something surprising melted my heart while we stood in Woodward Park waiting for the shoot to begin.

She looked up at me, eyes sparkling, "How is your summer going?" She asked and she really wanted to know. Her pure curiosity broke through the world of busy schedules, no-time-for-others lifestyles, and other adult and work pressures. I stopped and realized that I couldn't recall anyone asking me that question, (and I don't know that I had asked anyone else, either). "Why thank you for asking," I said, "I don't know that anyone has asked me yet!" I can't remember what I mumbled initially, but I tried to tell her what I still feel at this moment ... "My summer is definitely brighter after meeting you!"
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